What I'm loving on my iPhone: Viggle and Hero Academy

Two apps that I've recently downloaded have made me quite the happy iPhone user (as if I wasn't already). The first is the game Hero Academy. It trumps all of the GamesWithFriends that I play. It's a strategy based game that you play against actual people. It's a little like chess in that you have "pieces" that you have to split between offense and defense. Each type of character can move in different ways and has different powers just like chess. The animations are great, and it only takes a short time to get the hang of things.  If you download it start a game with me! Username is Nesheaholic (of course)

The second app, which I just got Wednesday night when it came out is Viggle. It's basically an incentive based program that gives you rewards for watching TV. You "check in" to a show by letting the app "listen" to your tv and then you get points for how long you watch the show. Those points can then be redeemed for small gift cards from the likes of Starbucks and Amazon. I think it's pretty cool. Get rewards for watching tv... I love TV and I love rewards, so this is a match made in heaven.

The app is so innovative. It's the first app I know since Shazam that utilizes the iPhones "listening" ability. From a marketing standpoint it's genius. Encouraging people to share what they are watching for points, offering points for watching movie trailers, they've got a good system that is obviously of interest to advertisers since there are a lot of businesses signed up in the rewards program. You can also set easy reminders in your iPhone to watch shows through Viggle.

What smart phone apps are YOU loving right now?


  1. I just got an iPhone after I struggled with either choosing a bb or go with an iPhone. The almighty won. lol.
    I love it...did i say I love it? lol, I do.
    I would have to check the viggle out, but right now, I am loving my Teuxdeux (pronouce To-do) and Flipboard. I get to not buy a planner this year, and I can also get all my fav. news and blogs on my phone with an easy flip.

    So much fun. Now to downloading a viggle...it better be for free. lol

  2. @AdeOla - They are both free! :-)

  3. I just did Viggle! I like it so far =D & love love my iphone! I just upgraded to the 4.

  4. I just tagged you! Please check out my "Q&A Tag + 11 Random Things post".


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