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I read a lot of blogs. My google reader can easily get to 300+ unread items if I neglect it for a day. Outside of blogs I also come across interesting,funny, cool things on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. Sometimes I'll come across something that I want to keep to read more thoroughly later, or save an image that might be good to use in a future blog post of my own. How do I organize my online life in a way that puts things aside for me to easily return to them later? Enter... Clipix. 

clipix is a free online tool that lets you bookmark and "clip" things to various "clipboards" for your perusal at a later date. You can have public boards to share with others, or have private boards of things like blog topics or shopping wish lists. For example, here is a screenshot of my recipes clipboard: 

Although I haven't tried it yet, I think another awesome way to use Clipix, as you see in the video below, would be setting up a board to compare product prices for something you're trying to buy. It would make things a lot easier than having 15 Google Chrome windows up lol. That way you'd have an easy one glance at where and how much the item is at different places. 

Clipix does have an iPhone app where you can "clip" photos you take from your phone, and you can link it to your Facebook or Twitter for easy sharing. Check out their promo video below: 

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