Watching TV while... watching TV

I can't tell you the last time I watched TV, and JUST watched TV. If I'm watching TV I'm likely to have my iPhone or my laptop out, reading blogs, tweeting, or at least "checking in" to what I'm watching. This has it's pros and cons.

As a pro, the Grammy's would not have been the same without being on Twitter while watching it. Being on Twitter while watching an awards show is like one giant viewing party. I love feeling a community vibe and seeing what other people are thinking about what I'm watching while I'm watching it. And in this case, Twitter made the Grammy's much more entertaining for me. Did anyone else feel like they were lacking this year?

On the other hand, if I'm tweeting while I'm watching, then I'm guaranteed to be missing something. I don't catch all the same nuances in a show as I would if my full attention was on it, and it's easy to miss plot points. 

I'm going to try to make a habit of putting more focus into the TV show I'm watching, and save the tweeting for commercials more often, especially with shows that I feel like offer a lot in the way of nuances and imagery: Alcatraz, Mad Men, Shameless. There are other shows however, that just feel better to watch in a "group," award shows and Glee in particular. 


  1. I don't normally watch the Grammy's, but like many, I was interested in the tribute to Whitney. I don't normally tweet either, but I did whilst watching the show. Funny:)

  2. I've never had a twitter account so I don't tweet, but I rarely just watch tv. The exception might be during an exciting sports game, or jeopardy (but even then I'll read or surf during commercials. I grew up reading while watching tv, which I think I learned from my dad who always did that too. Now I'm likely to be reading blogs or be on fb, etc while watching tv, though sometimes I just have a book to read while watching, or homework.

  3. i miss following certain shows like Grey and Housewives but it was becoming too much work...this was before i had DVR!


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