Kiss Nail Dress

I've just very recently began paying attention to my nails again. I've neglected them for years since I stopped getting acrylic nails. I probably haven't had a manicure since my wedding lol. In my new found nail love I was excited to try out Kiss Nail Dress. The nail dresses are stick ons/decals of funky colors and designs.

The pack (which comes with 28 strips, leaving you with extras to either do a second manicure, or cut up for cool stick-on designs on top of polish) come with a nail file, which is super convenient. The way application works is that you place the strip on the nail, fold it over the tip of your nail, and file down the excess. Here is what the whole strips look like:

The application process for me was a little tricky. I think it probably goes a little smoother with someone with longer nails. I had a hard time smoothing the strips out, and the filing process was a little clunky for me since my nails don't go very far past by finger tips. I may have filed on the tips too much, which may have detracted from the length of time the manicure stayed fresh. As you can see from the picture below, especially on my pinky, I'm a novice at smoothing out the bubbles lol. This is definitely something that you'd get better at with practice:

I still LOVED the results. I got compliments every day I wore them. The manicure lasted much longer than polish, which for me, is usually only a day before it begins to wear down at the tip. I do my hair, I do my husband's hair, I was dishes, and clean the bathroom, and got a nice wear out of them despite all that abuse. Without all my activity they probably would have lasted the advertised 10 days. Great alternative to polish for sure, and the removal was super simple, they peeled right off. $6.99 at Walgreens and other drug stores. Check, check, check em out! 

I received my Kiss Nail Dress complimentary for testing and review purposes via Influenster's VoxBox program. 


  1. Nice!! V's little sister was just telling me that we should try them...I agreed with her so some time soon we'll be trying them ;)

    Thanks for the review about them :) I wish they had a french manicure set!

  2. I love these! And I JUST signed up for Influenster last week, so I'm glad to see people get cool things out of it, because I don't know much about it yet. You might also want to try Sally Hansen's nail strips; I find them really easy to apply.


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