My Autism Drama Camp Volunteer Day

As an actor, and a site editor for when I saw the opportunity to volunteer for Theater Horizon's Autism Drama Camp it just made sense. I've edited probably thousands of posts on Autisable, but never had the privilege to really interact with an individual with autism. I loved my experience today. The kids were great, and the main thing I really took away from the day is that autism really is on a spectrum. Each child was so unique. That's one of the things that makes it difficult for people who don't know anyone with autism to understand the condition. There is no specific set of symptoms that exhibit in every person, and the traits of one person with autism can be completely different than the traits of another. It is really diverse. 

I enjoyed my time today and can't wait to work with the program again. If you are in the Philadelphia area with a child with autism, definitely check out enrolling in the program. The next session begins in May and the kids learn acting as well as social skills. 

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