What was memorable today?

Last night I had the privilege of seeing In This Place...at the Painted Bride Art Center. It was a powerful show, and superbly acted by Michelle Hurst. One of the things the show brought up was the fact that the little things that may make us happy today, we forget about, and don't remember years down the road. The way that our minds, and history and remembrance works doesn't allow us to keep fresh even the greatest of memories from the past. 

In an effort to try to document small memorable things from every day life, I'm going to get a notebook and try to record at least one memorable moment each day: a great laugh I had at a TV show, I nice gesture from a stranger, a particularly successful marketing creative - the little things that I probably wouldn't remember otherwise. 

I'll likely be posting these from time to time here on the blog.

What was memorable today for YOU?

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