Thankful Thursday - 3/22/12

Today I am linking up with the lovely Cami, over at First Day of My Life for Thankful Thursdays:

Today I am thankful for: 
  • My upcoming trip to San Diego
  • Having a wonderful husband who loves me despite the times when I may be a little crazy lol
  • The return of Mad Men this Sunday!
  • Visiting my family in CT this weekend
  • Having a four day weekend
  • Constantly being blessed by God in many ways
What are YOU thankful for today?


  1. Oh LeNeshe. I am happy that you are getting to go on a short vacation - YAY!! ESPECIALLY to San Diego - sounds like a blast :) I've never been on that coast - but I've heard nothing but great things!! Can't wait to hear all about it :)
    4 day weekend? NIIIICE!!! Enjoy!!
    God is so good to us - ALWAYS - isn't it? We are so blessed :)

    Thanks for linking up to THankful Thursday - you are wonderful!! ox

    1. Everyday I find myself thinking I am just so blessed, God is good! :-)

  2. I am thankful for someone in my heart as well,every talent that I possess ,my upcoming trip also lol ,and the God above that continues to wipe my tears when needed :) ...Enjoy your break hun !

    1. Thanks! And Thanks for reading/comments :-D

  3. I'm super excited for Mad Men too :) San Diego...Cool!!!! Enjoy your trip:)

    I'm thankful for God revealing things to me as he is directing my path.

  4. This is an awesome thankful list. Lucky you.
    xo, Jeanne


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