Community: Doing TV Diversity Right

I came to the conclusion last night while watching the latest episode of Community that the show is probably the epitome of diverse casting on a TV show. You've got range in age, gender, and race. This comes on the heels of discussions about the lack of actors of color on Mad Men (which I've touched on before) and the lack of actors of color on the new HBO drama, Girls

The difference between those two shows and Community is that the story-line of Community lends itself to great diversity. I can't think of a greater location in life outside of a grocery store where you are apt to find diversity like you would in a community college.

When I watched the pilot episode of Girls, it didn't even occur to me that there wasn't a character of color. It didn't seem foreign for the lives of the girls we were getting to know. I don't feel the need to force diversity into places where it wouldn't be naturally. Not every segment of society has diversity, and when a show is reflecting one of those segments, I don't mind it being true.  


  1. I couldn't agree with you more! I appreciate diversity and I crave it at times, but I absolutely HATE when it shoved into a tv show/movie in a way that just makes it awkward. I love Big Bang Theory and I'm ok with these geeks not having any black friends. They remind me of many white computer geeks I knew in college and I did not find it odd that they had no blacks in their circle. I know folks who refuse to watch the show because of it. **shrugs**

    1. I agree. The actor who plays Raj on BBT was actually an acting teacher of mine lol

  2. Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it :).

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  3. I've never seen either of those shows. lol. All I watch is Dancing with the Stars & Castle!

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