Potential is Never Self Reliant

As I was taking notes during the sermon on Sunday I realized they would make a good blog post :-). 

The general message was Potential is never self reliant. What this means is, your ability to achieve things is directly tied to the people, places, and things you surround yourself with. In a Christian sense this is two-fold. The first half is that as a saved individual, you can do all things through your connection with Christ. The second half, which is valid even for people who don't believe in a higher power, is that the people you chose to connect yourself with can either enhance or decrease your capability for success. You must be careful who you allow yourself to be surrounded with. Choose individuals who will lift you up, not tare your down. 


  1. I wish I can like this multiple times. haha

  2. Good thoughts for the day, wanted to come say hi!

  3. Like the new header! Great message! Not sure what to do with my wedding dress at all....


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