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Being healthier is not easy. Quite frankly, it's hard. The "rules" are simple: exercise and eat healthy, but the will power to actually do those things is the hard part. I slip sometimes, especially on weekends, but the internet is a great resource to keep me motivated. The Fitness tag on Pinterest is a great resource for healthy motivation, and good recipes, eating and exercise tips.  Here is my Healthy Living Pinboard

Another great site that keeps me motivated is Her site has LOADS of good recipes and get healthy tips. Her weight loss journey is freaking amazing. Something that I read from Roxi that really stood out to me was: 

For years I struggled with the idea of being healthy and having a fitness plan that worked for my life. I would always start the New Year with fitness goals that were very large. I wanted to lose a tremendous amount of weight. I wanted abs like Janet and toned arms like Angela Basset. However, that is not real. It is one thing to have that body and it is quite another to keep that body, without compromising a happy lifestyle. The goal needs to become being the best YOU while being happy. That means working out and eating right should be effortless that is the true definition of healthy living.
That really is the crux of it all. Finding that balance between a lifestyle that will keep you healthy, but also keeps you happy as well. No one wants to live in full eating restriction and spend 24 hours a day on the treadmill. I suggest checking out her 2012 Challenge if you want a jump-start on small steps you can take to make a big difference. 

A second great site that I love is I actually found Fran's site because of her natural hair photos and tips, so she is a great resource for that info as well. She keeps it real when it comes to things that work for her as far as eating, exercise, skin and hair care.  She also has a YouTube channel. If you're looking for info on natural hair and natural living, she's a good go-to person. 

Where do YOU go when you need inspiration to stay fit and healthy?


  1. I think it helps to have a workout buddy, preferably someone with a similar goal in mind. It's motivation for friendly competition and you can keep each other in check.

    Side comment: I always thought it funny when I go running on the track at the community center near my house and it's the same kind of football trainer and student combo: Older, overweight white man as the coach and skinny/muscular black/latino as the athlete or trainee. It always makes me think, shouldn't it be the other way around?

    1. lol, you know, it probably should be the other way around. It seems in those cases you have to be fit to GET the coaching job, and then after that you can do what you want lol

  2. hello from mingle monday! :) have a great week!

  3. You go're done when you're done!!! :)
    Keep it up!!!!!

  4. There is absolutely no approach to focus on weight loss in any division of your system. You need to shed a few of that will excess fat above ones abs. In case you six pack abs and get enormous abs, if there is still some sort of covering associated with extra fat above all of them nobody can actually get to see all of them.

  5. Keep it up! I hope you achieve a great milestone in future.

  6. Thanks so much for the encouragement everyone! :-D

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