The Regular World vs The Extraordinary World

I was sitting at my desk thinking about how excited I am for rehearsal tonight. I thought, "I love being able to escape from the real world." But then I thought, that's an inaccurate way to put things. My whole life is real.  I enjoy being able to escape the REGULAR world. 

The Regular World includes: 
All the prep work it takes to actually DO my creative endeavours
Anything associated with paying bills
Things that are generally part of my daily routine
Doctor's appointments

So I need something to call my "other" world, the world that's a bit funner. Let's call it my extraordinary world. 

The Extraordinary World includes: 

Playing video games
Reading Blogs/Tumbling/Pinning 

Probably the main difference between the two worlds is things you HAVE to do vs. things you LOVE to do. 

I don't think there is a person out there who gets to have the extraordinary life, without first bolstering their foundation with all the Regular World stuff. It'd be great if we could all live our versions of The Extraordinary Life ALL the time, but it just doesn't work like that. Even the celebrities who we see and think have an Extraordinary Life all the time, we don't see the behind the scenes work that goes into them being able to have the life that we see. 

I believe the goal should be to have and enjoy as much Extraordinary Life as you can, whatever that means for you, even if it's just weeks upon weeks of drinking coffee and readings books. Live that life, and enjoy it, and don't let the Regular World stuff get you down, because you really can't have one without the other. 

What makes your Extraordinary World extraordinary? 

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