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Monday, June 4, 2012

San Diego - Where We Went, What We Did, Etc.

The hubby and I had an awesome week-long vacation in San Diego! It was our first vacation in about a year and a half, so it was certainly well needed. 

In terms of beaches we got around to Ocean Beach (which is kind of the "hipster" beach), La Jolla which was beautiful and came highly recommended, and Mission Beach, which we only stayed at for a bit but was very nice. 

We also did a Segway tour that took us around the Gaslamp area and Balboa Park. We're beginning to be Segway experts. We did off-road Segwaying in the Bahamas, so this trip was a breeze. Stepping back on the Segway was like riding a bike. 

Balboa Park is GORGEOUS. 

The food I went to San Diego with on my "must have" list was fish tacos and Mexican, and I was not disappointed in either of them. We grabbed fish tacos from a place called Tin Fish and they were awesome. We got Mexican along with our resident favorite San Diegan couple at a place called Casa De Reyes and it was GREAT. AND I got a free basket of churros for checking in on Fourquare ;-)

We also went to the famous San Diego Zoo, which was also awesome. I don't know how many times I said "OMG, it's so cute!" lol It's a huge zoo, we probably got though 1/3 of it. Definitely have to make another trip there. 

There was no shortage of good times and good food. I say it was a vacation well done. 



  1. I'm really glad you had fun :]
    Cute couple pictures.

    1. Thanks! We had a blast...must get to your neck of the woods next time!

  2. Great pics!
    Follwing your blog and twitter via Mingle Monday!
    Check me out!

  3. Sounds + looks like you had so much fun!! So happy for you :)
    Love all the photos, too!!
    Ah makes me want to travel now!

    1. Thanks! We had a GREAT time. A well needed escape from the east coast.

  4. Sweet!!! Glad you had a great time. Me & my DH were suppose to go to San Diego too, this week actually, but had to cancel. Those churros & mexican eats you mentioned in your latest post sound so good to me right now! LOL You're looking cute on the beach girlie!

    1. Thanks! I need to find a good Mexican restaurant in Philly, because I've definitely opened up a Pandora's box for wanting Mexican lol.

  5. You look super cute in your pictures! I need to get over to the west coast stat! This just reminds me that I need to get on board.

    1. Thanks! I really liked it, I could see ending up over there.


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