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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday TV Conundrum

Hubs and I love TV. It's one of our favorite past times together next to video games. As we planned for our TV time tonight, we realized we have multiple battles for the prime time spots this evening: 

8pm - Season Premiere of Leverage (TNT) vs. Big Brother(CBS). 
I've written before about how the Leverage Team is one of my favorite TV spies. I used to call Big Brother my "guilty pleasure" show, but I don't want to call it that anymore. I enjoy watching the show, no guilt included. I don't watch any of the "Housewives" shows, so cut me some slack on this one lol. Big Brother is a usual part of my summer. In this battle for the 8pm time slot, we're going to have to choose Big Brother. Big Brother is the kind of show you need to watch in real time (and tweet about it lol). We'd never go back and OnDemand an episode of Big Brother, so we'll watch Big Brother, and catch Leverage OnDemand. 

9pm - True Blood (HBO) vs. Falling Skies (TNT)
I have to admit, if I didn't start watching True Blood from it's inception, and wasn't already a fan before the show started going downhill, I wouldn't be watching it. I can't imagine tuning in now and thinking the show was as good as it once was. There are just WAY TOO MANY plots going on now, and there seem to be no like-able characters left. BUT, True Blood will win this 9pm slot because we just started catching up on Falling Skies, and just made it up to the beginning of Season 2, so we are not quite ready to tune in live. 

10pm - Season Premiere of Breaking Bad (AMC) vs. Season Premiere of Political Animals (USA) vs. Newsroom (HBO)
Now, this three way battle for the 10pm timeslot would usually not be a problem. Breaking Bad is Hub's favorite show on TV, so that is what we'll be watching live any other Sunday, BUT, I was an extra in the pilot episode of Political Animals, so we'll be watching that tonight, in hopes of catching a one second glimpse of me in the crowd lol

What are YOU watching tonight?


  1. Leverage is filmed here! I'll get you a shot of the cast if I see 'em around. I can't wait to see Breaking Bad. Last season was just amazing.

    1. Really?! OMG, forget a picture, if you see Aldis Hodge, grab him and call me lol

  2. I am SO with you on True Blood. There are way too many sub plots. I do like Tara as a vamp though! :P

  3. My Sunday list is too long to list. I have to strategically plan out the DVR so I can record them all. I love Big Brother, True Blood, Breaking Bad, Army Wives, Drop Dead Diva, any of the Real Housewives, Big Ang, The Great Escape...and that's just Sundays! New follower and stopping in from Mingle Monday. I hope you get a chance to stop in and hopefully follow.

    Jen @

  4. I wanted to check out True Blood but I heard its getting pretty bad. I just started watching Vampire Diares on Netflixs and man its good! My sunday shows are always booked as well...

    1. I would say to Netflix like the first two seasons of True Blood, those were the GOOD ones lol

  5. No longer have tv so we watch whatever is free and availabile on th networks:-) great choices!


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