Things I Learned on the Internet: Cleaning Berries

I LOVE Pinterest. It's a great past time. It's also very informative in the way of recipes, crafts, and home remedies. An AMAZING trick I learned is how to effectively clean berries and make them last longer. I buy strawberries pretty much at every grocery trip, and I always feel pressure to eat them quickly because it never fails, by mid-end week it seems they always start to mold. I HATE throwing food away, but what am I supposed to do with a moldy strawberry? It's also important for me to get my strawberries clean well because when I use them in smoothies I blend the whole thing, green tops and all. 

So what is this berry cleaning trick you ask? VINEGAR. For me, I used apple cider vinegar. When you get your berries home from the store make a mixture in a bowl of one part vinegar to ten parts water. Drop your berries in, swirl them around, rinse off in a strainer and store them in your fridge as you normally would. With this method I am going on TWO WEEKS of non-molding, great tasting strawberries. This method works because the vinegar kills mold spores and other bacteria on the surface of the fruit, which keeps them fresh longer. 

Who says you don't learn anything on the internet? ;-)


  1. Nice! I just picked up a big carton of strawberries this weekend too, I will definatly have to try this out. Thanks for the tip :)

  2. Woah...great info! I'll have to try this. Thanks for sharing!


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