Enjoying the Little Things

It is so important to enjoy the little things in life. There will be days where either nothing seems to go right, or you just have to do a bunch of things that bring you zero pleasure (trips to the DMV, sporadic car maintenance, arguments with loved ones, etc.) Hopefully those days are few and far between for most of us, but there will be days that are just... lame. On those days, it's important to enjoy any moments you can. Whether it is just the 30 minutes at a coffee shop in between errands, or listening to an album you love in the car on the way to do something you don't really want to do... really make an effort to enjoy those moments. 

Happy Monday


  1. Love this! Sometimes you have to make your own little happy moments too. :)

  2. Remembering to be happy in the midst of everything. Very important.

    1. Totally. Some days you can't avoid things just SUCKING lol, so you've got proactively be happy.


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