Is Supporting a Presidential Candidate is Tacky?

While "tumbling" yesterday I came across these two pictures (original source): 

Which were followed by this commentary: 

The Consequences Of Sign Stealing of the Day: Seems legit.
I feel like this really demonstrates a fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives.
One the one hand you have people who will just replace the sin and remind you that that means they’ll be donating more money to the campaign and on the other hand you have someone threatening to shoot you.
difference between the US and normal people: we don’t put yard signs up in the first place what even
i mean seriously america
what are you doing
and why
seriously why are americans so goddamn tacky 
i mean really
yard signs 
it’s so vulgar
the same with those stickers or whatever on cars.
why, America, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

The first thing that caught my eye was the commentary about the differences between Obama supporters and Romney supporters based on their reaction to sign-stealing. But then I was literally taken aback by the notion  that Americans putting political signs in their yards is TACKY and VULGAR; the same being said for bumper stickers.  

Being American, I've never thought twice about yard signs or bumper stickers being unfavorable. I have an Obama-Biden bumper sticker on my truck. A visual representation of political affiliation seems normal to me. 

What do YOU think? Do you find bumper stickers, yard signs, t-shirts, etc. representing a political party vulgar or tacky?


  1. I find them to be clutter. I remember a comedian said it best: "I don't put bumper stickers on Ferrari's."

  2. They look good as long as they say Romney or Ryan on them. I had my R2 bumper sticker yanked off my car so I went back to the stickers.

  3. I agree about clutter but then again we drive certain cars and that speaks volumes about us so no I don't think it's tacky! If you painted your house in political
    Colors now we are talking tacky!!

  4. I don't think it's tacky or vulgar to show your support for a candidate with a shirt, bumper sticker, or sign. What I think is tacky is the large number of signs left in yards and on street corners looong after the election has ended. Now that's tacky!

  5. Hi- Stopping by from Mingle Monday. I think that political signs in lawns just shows how much Americans care about elections and how proud we are of our right to vote; I think it's a great thing! However, I only have window stickers on my car, bumper stickers are so hard to remove.
    Have a lovely week!


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