Thankful Thursday: 10/4/12


A few weeks ago I announced on my Twitter that I had received some awesome news and an awesome opportunity but I wasn't sharing the details yet... well now I am lol. 

I was chosen by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance as one of only three people who they are sending on scholarship to the National Arts Marketing Conference in Charlotte, NC in November. That is conference fees, airfare, and hotel, at no expense!  As an arts marketer this is a huge opportunity for me to go, learn, and network. I am so thankful to have been chosen. I'm both excited and nervous for my first ever trip by myself where I will be by myself at my destination and my first ever work related travel. 

Also on my thankful list, this past weekend we converted one of our spare bedrooms into my Walk.In.Closet. Woot! I am thankful for the means to own a home and a husband to help me put together Ikea furniture to create a walk in closet in it. :-D


  1. congratulation. I am sure you deserved it.
    From " Thankful Thursday. My entry: They laugh at me:

  2. Woot! That is great news. I hope the conference is fabulous.

  3. Walk in closet? WOOOHOO!! That looks sooo amazing :)

    Congratulations on that great opportunity - I am SO happy for you!!
    (And proud!)

    Thanks for linking up with me at First Day of My life for Thankful Thursday <3 Hope you had an amazing weekend!


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