Why are the arts dying?

Are they dying? It feels like it. As an arts marketer and a performer it really feels like pulling teeth to get people in the doors to see a great show... a phenomenal show at times. Theaters are closing, arts organizations are folding, and more and more artists are expected to work for free, because the value in art isn't seen or able to translate into dollars. 

Some say it's price point resistance, but I feel like it may be a genuine lack of interest. What causes that? It is because arts are being cut from schools so children don't grow up with a reverence for live arts anymore? Is it because we can be easily entertained in our homes by devices and see no need for the arts as a form of entertainment anymore? Money may be a factor, but I've had free events with just a sprinkling of audience members. 

Even those who are interested in the arts don't make an effort to consume them. Even I am guilty of not making the effort I could. I'll let tiredness, or time, or money, or transportation be a hindrance in seeing shows. Sometimes I'd rather just relax after a long day or long week. Maybe that will be my New Years Resolution: See More Shows. I need to put my money (and time, and comfortability) where my mouth is. I've mentioned some of this before, but I really need to step my game up and do all I can do for the industry I love. 

shout out to my journal for inspiring me to write this post lol


  1. I think about this a lot too and my own lack of interest in theater has shaped my decisions not to solely pursue it. Generally, I think people would rather engage in movies, for example, where there are no creative limits.
    Also, I wonder what would happen to theater if we incorporated more digital and special effect elements. If theater became an elegant mix of live stage stuff and cohesive digital elements...removing breaks between Acts maybe....incentives for people to write plays... it might live!

  2. I agree with you sometimes we just make up little excuses not to do something.. x


  3. I sure hope not.

    It's funny...I was recently thinking about this LaNeshe!
    I love art & design. I live it. But. I also get lazy. I've been wanting to visit a museum since summer. I finally went. But, not to one of the several museums that I live fairly close to. I went to one in a whole 'nother state, while on a mini-vacation! LOL

    I may have to join you in taking a more supportive stand.

  4. Great post! I love the arts! I remember in elementary school the dance companies would come and give performances. And I can't sing but I was in the choir. And the school would have field trips to go see live performances. I'll say it again I love the arts! But I also have a lot of excuses as to why I haven't supported them as of late. And none of them are any good. I really need to try and do better.


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