Getting Myself Together

This picture is not necessarily related to this post. I just happened to find it in one of my folders. Remember when Facebook used to have flair boards? This was mine.  

I'm trying to send myself into a whirlwind of personal and professional development  My goal is to be a better person in any way that I can be. 

  • I just came back from the National Arts Marketing Project Conference which has totally jump-started my professional growth. I want to continue to learn whenever/wherever I can, and grow in my field. 
  • I've reached out to the lovely Angie of Lariats and Lavender about redesigning the blog. 
  • I'm currently participating in DigiWriMo
  • I'll be getting new headshots taken in December
  • There is an agent who said she'd like to take me on in lieu of updating my headshots, so hopefully that will happen in the near future
  • I've joined a casting network so I can actively purse more auditions and extra/background work
  • I'm starting a 6 week acting class tonight!
  • Eating correctly - I know what I should be eating (fruits, veggies, water, and protein), and what I shouldn't be eating (sweets, processed foods), I just need to get back on track with actually following that! We did recently purchase a juicer so I need to get in a juicing habit as well.
  • Exercising - I haven't been able to afford keeping my personal trainer, and have slacked off. Time to get back on the train and self motivate in lieu of not having a trainer right now. 
What are you doing for YOUR professional or personal growth?


  1. Good luck! Been trying to find a full-time job, and oiii I worked out for summer, but I should probably not stop now.

    1. Yea, if you keep going you'll be in even better shape next summer!

  2. I've nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Feel free to participate. :)

  3. these are some GREAT goals :-)

    congrats on the blog re-design!! i have been considering doing the same thing!!

    and eating and exercising can sometimes be tough!! let me know if you need any workout plans!! i can def give you a few tips/ideas since i am also a personal trainer

    1. I would love some workout plans! I was doing so great when I had my personal trainer, and now I kind of feel lost!


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