My 47% Dream

I had THE oddest dream last week. The only people I remember recognizing were Conan O'Brien and the lovely TS Hawkins. I'm guessing Conan was there because that's what I fell asleep watching, and TS was there because I was on the eve of an event we were producing together. 

In the dream, I, and a bunch of other people were in this beautiful house. Story upon story of beauty and opulence. You can tell there was two distinctly different groups of people in the house. There were people who were clearly rich, and then the rest were just "regular" people. I was a "regular" person. Not poor, just normal. On the first night in the house, only the rich people were able to take the elevator to the top floors to sleep, while everyone else had to make spaces on the floor all together with sleeping bags and such. 

The next night, the rich people were gone. All the people who were left were excited about sleeping in the upper floors, but no one could get there. You know that feeling in a dream where you are struggling to get to somewhere and it just won't happen? That's how it felt. I can't remember what the concrete thing was that was stopping us, maybe the elevators just weren't working... but we wanted to get to the upper floors, and couldn't. 

I thought about my dream for about a day and decided it could totally be a metaphor for what has now been coined the 47% - the middle class people in the U.S.

The house represented the country. And the inability of the "normal" people to reach the top floors represented the inability for all people to reach the epitome of the wealth version of the American Dream. The rich people easily made it on the elevators to the top floors, while the others just could not go any further. 

What do you think?

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  1. Dream interpretation is interesting. I had a friend that was obsessed with the dream encyclopedia. However, I wasn't able to look up anything from my dreams in the books.

    I think dreams are mostly a continuation of a thought when awake, the subconscious trying to work out something in your life, or it's just some weird recap/extraction of some earlier event in the day.

    Afterall, they say if you don't dream, you die. So I guess that means I forget my dreams a lot, or I often dream of a pitch black color. lol.

    Your analysis of your own dream is pretty intriguing. Social evaluation?

    1. Yea, I guess I must have been thinking subconsciously about society, or maybe Conan was joking about it while I was sleep, who knows! I definitely have a habit of dreaming about what I fall asleep watching.

  2. I'm not sure how I'd interpret the dream honestly. It could be that, but it could be something else entirely. I'm terrible at figuring stuff like that out unless it's disturbing (which my dreams typically aren't). Maybe the way society is could be influencing how you see it. It seems indicative of the current culture, but I also think our culture is jacked up.

    How many words do you have left to get for DigiWriMo?

    1. I have SOO MANY WORDS left. I'm not going to make it. :-(

  3. I like your interpretation of your dream!

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