Inspiration Personified

I watched this video this morning and cried. Sobbed even. It was so beautiful and inspiring. It made me think about my grandmother, who is currently still towards the beginning of a road to recovery after problems during a surgery. It really makes you feel like you can do anything. 

He could have given up. He was falling, literally, trying to make it through his yoga practices. He went from needing crutches and a wheel chair to RUNNING. I love that he didn't take the doctors word as Gospel. Doctors told my family to make funeral arrangement for my grandmother. This was over 2 years ago. God is good. The human body is resilient. We can do things we don't believe we can when we push ourselves and have faith. 

Happy Thursday. 


  1. Amazing video. It also makes me think of my Mom. God has the final say with all things.

  2. Indeed, that is an inspiring story!


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