2013 Wishes

Tis the season! Christmas is just around the corner and New Years Eve and Day will be 'coming round the bend' shortly after. I don't necessarily have a New Years resolution, but I've been thinking a lot about sustainability when it comes to trash and recycling lately. Someone pointed out to me recently how we use a plastic water bottle for all of an hour, and then it stays on this earth for 450 years before it decomposes.  The use vs. time in a landfill comparison was startling to me. Even though I do recycle, I want to do better with not creating as much trash in general. Saying no to plastic bags in the store or unneeded plastic containers for my sandwich at the deli, and reusing the plastic I do use more often (does anyone know if you can put Ziplock bags in the dishwasher? lol)

So that is my resolution I suppose. 

As far as what I hope to see in 2013: 
  • I want to see my grandmother walking with minimal assistance
  • I want to see my grandmother SEE
  • I want to see a combination LaNeshe-Tim little person
  • I want to see me saving much more money than I did this year
  • I want to see me making much more money than I did this year
  • I want to see myself on a stage or on camera often
  • I want to see a development in my graphic design skills
What are you hoping for in 2013?

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  1. I like your hope list! I hope your grandmother's health improves.

    I wish I could save even a dime! I'm so bad at managing my money. Then when an emergency comes, I'm out of luck. I hate it! I want to have a fat bank account, that just sits there.

    I'm not too great at graphic designing. I'd like to see an improvement in this area too, especially since I'm opening my own Web and Graphic studio in 2013. Gotta practice more often!


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