Ingredient Snob

I think it's fairly clear that I like products. Hair products and cosmetics. I'm only a tad bit of a product junkie. I would be a HUGE product junkie if I wasn't an ingredients snob. 

Ingredients I try to avoid in general:
Propylene glycol

Ingredients I avoid specifically in hair products: 
Mineral oil

It's absolutely amazing how common those ingredients are, even with records showing that they can be harmful. Pick up a random product near you right now, I'd put money that they are in the ingredient list. 

Label checking is annoying. But I research pretty much every ingredient on EWG Cosmetic database and anything that has ever been linked to cancer, I will not buy a product with it in there. I will not. I try to stick with products/ingredients with 0-2 ratings. 

I will be the first to admit that I check labels more frequently on cosmetics than I do on food...which I know is BAD, but I'm working on it! I do make most of my meals from scratch, and 95% of our meat comes from Five Star Home Foods and is natural/organic so I'm not doing horrible in that department. I also actively avoid high fructose corn-syrup, and pay attention to the order of ingredients in food to see what it's really filled with. 

Are you ingredient conscious? What ingredients do you actively avoid?


  1. I'm a product snob and it sucks as a blogger because it limits what I use. I'm pretty picky but mainly because my skin is insanely sensitive. I'm actually okay with parabens as a preservative but synthetic fragrances and dyes is something I really try to run away from.

    1. Yea, that's a thing too. I would love to be able to review and use more products. I'd be able to take advantage of those monthly natural hair boxes!

  2. I definitely check food products more than I do beauty products mainly because I know what is good/bad for food products and I don't for beauty products.

    1. This is a handy basic guide:

  3. I am pretty ingredient conscious, food wise. Like you, I also check the order of ingredients in certain foods.
    I usually check for the word "natural" on the front of package labels, and then double check the back to ensure the ingredient list is mostly pronounceable (& that I'm familiar with those ingredients). I'm a stickler for real sugar, and prefer to see it listed over high fructose corn syrup.
    I do this all mostly for flavor reasons, more so than health.


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