Fat Princess and My Life

I enjoy playing Fat Princess on PS3. In the game each team has captured the other team's princess and the goal is to retrieve your team's princess and bring her back to your castle. As a player you have 5 different options for the class you want to play: Priest, Mage, Warrior, Ranger, and Worker. I've always been comfortable being a Worker, gathering supplies to help upgrade the castle, feeding the opponents princess cake to make her harder to carry...staying in the back... being safe.

The last time I played my husband was watching the game go along and he said "Why don't you put on the Warrior hat and try to go get the princess?" And I responded that I liked playing in the background and wasn't good at being up front fighting.  After more insistence from him I put on the Warrior hat and tried to rescue the princess, fully expecting to fail. In one try, I made it into the enemy castle, grabbed my princess and put her back on my team's throne. Without my taking charge, who knows how long or if my team ever would have made it to the princess.

As if he'd planned this life lesson via video game for me my husband then went on to explain that my game play is how I've been living life. I've been hanging in the background waiting for someone else to take charge and give me an opportunity. I've been comfortable like that for a long time and I am just starting to no longer like living in that space.

I need to take charge, take chances, and make opportunity for myself instead of waiting for someone else to make opportunity for me. You have to get uncomfortable if you want to succeed.

Who said you can't learn something from video games?
Reason # 3254890 why I know I married the right man. 

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  1. I read your previous post as well, and just wanted to say that this is a great (and powerful) lesson/realization.


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