I'm tired of being Just...
Just the understudy...
Just the assistant...
Just a couple lines...
Just...just... just...

I've made the decision to no longer be JUST anything. Either I AM something worth saying I AM or I'm not spending my time on it.

It's funny how language works like that. Any time I start a sentence with "I'm just..." It's like I'm pinching myself in the self esteem. Words are powerful. We have to make sure we are speaking positivity into our lives. Even though I consider myself a very positive person I've found myself extremely saddened by being... just... And only I have the power to control that feeling.

I'll be combating this in two ways: Being proud of my position in whatever I'm doing, and no longer participating in anything that makes me feel "just..."

You are not "just" anything. You are wonderful, beautiful, talented and amazing...

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  1. Well said! I find my-self doing the "just a...: thing to myself too. We gotta stop that!

  2. We're all a work-in-progress, and it's hard to admit we're definitely something, eh?

  3. great post girl!!

    i feel the SAME way! I think sometimes people belittle us when we are "just the assistant" or "desk girl"



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