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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

And the winner is...

::drumroll please:: The winner of the ticket to the Philadelphia Natural Hair Show is... Jhan from Behind My Smile

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Philadelphia Natural Hair Show + Giveaway

I LOVE NATURAL HAIR EVENTS. I love them even more when they are in my city, and I love them the most when I get to be involved! 

The 2013 Philadelphia Natural Hair Show will take place on May 4th at the downtown Sheraton Hotel (201 North 17th Street). I am very honored to have been chosen as one of the events official B/Vloggers. If you attend, you will have an opportunity to see me in the B/Vloggers discussion panel. 

Outside of that panel, there will be workshops, natural hair demos, product giveaways, a natural hair runway show, book signings, clothing and jewelry vendors, and more. 

One of the workshops I am really excited about is the "Creative Styling for You by You: Hands-on Styling Class" (11am - 1pm). The more I know how to do with my hair, the better. I love the versatility of natural hair and I want to be able to do everything I can with it. For a list of all the workshops, both free and paid CLICK HERE

Now to the really fun part! I have one ticket to give away for the Natural Hair Show. 

How to enter: 

1. Follow my blog - you can see on my right hand side bar, you have the option of following via RSS, Bloglovin' or Networked Blogs, whichever you prefer! 

2. Leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing about natural hair. 

It's that simple! The giveaway will be open for one week. I will choose the winner on Thursday, April 25th through random.org and announce it here on my blog. 


Monday, April 15, 2013

What do you have of true value?

On a recent episode of Doctor Who, The Doctor and his companion found themselves on a planet where the currency was items of value. Not just any material thing, but a photo, keepsake, or heirloom that held sentimental value to the owner. The more memories tied to an item, the more valuable it was.  

The premise of this planet's monetary system made me think about how many things of actual value I have. Not monetary value, but sentimental value. I have plenty of "stuff," but how much of it do I really value?

I have a handful of pieces of jewelry from my grandmother that I deeply value, because they are from her. I don't know if they are valuable on the open market, but I hold them close to my heart. 

I have a real pearl necklace from my mother that she gave me on my wedding day. 

I have a scrapbook that I used to keep with actual printed out pictures and decorations that I did myself on each page. 

I have a box full of all the notes and cards my husband has given me in our time together. 

Those are some things that I truly value, things that are irreplaceable. Looking at this list makes me re-think all the gadgets I just have to have, or the make-up or hair products I think I can't do without. I have so much stuff, but 99% of it doesn't hold true value to me, so why do I have it? I guess we as people are innately gatherers. We like stuff. We like the fill the crevices of our homes because...we can?

What do you have that you truly value?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

10 Empties Challenge: 1/9 - Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel

An update on my 10 Empties Challenge. I have finished 1 out of the 10! ::the crowd goes wild::

I don't get my eyebrows done. I've only had them done once in my life randomly because my grandmother suggested it. I don't really do anything to my eyebrows. Occasionally I'll fill them in a little with eyeliner, but I've come to enjoy the little dip I have at the tail ends of them. 

When I received the Chella clear eyebrow defining gel in an Ipsy bag I figure it'd be cool to try out but didn't think it'd be something I'd want to purchase. The verdict? It's pretty darn awesome! I brush my eyebrows sometimes to get them to lay down, and this takes things a step further. I brush them into place and they STAY there, all day!

While I will probably purchase another tube after the challenge is over, I don't NEED it in my beauty regime, so I can wait to purchase it. 

Have you ever used an eyebrow gel?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dressing Nice & Going to the Gym - A One-Two Punch to a Good Mood

I have found a formula that is very likely to put me in a good mood no matter what is happening in life. Going to the gym in the morning, and following that with dressing up and putting on make-up. My day can't possibly go wrong if I've started it in that way. Going to the gym makes me feel accomplished. Dressing up and putting on make-up makes me feel pretty(er). Feeling pretty and feeling accomplished is enough to boost my mood. 

I'm a generally happy person anyway, but this combo gives me that little *something extra.*

Photos from my Instagram. Follow me! IG: Nesheaholic

What do you do that is guaranteed to put you in a good mood?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Handling Easter Like an Adult

I've talked before about how I had a hard time dealing with Christmas no longer being the way it was when I was younger. The same goes for Easter. I'd always loved the traditions of dressing up for church (in a new dress, always!) and coloring two dozen eggs to be put into Easter baskets for the family, laden with marshmallow Peeps, Cadbury Creme eggs, jelly beans and Hershey's kisses. Even in college and afterwards, I would still go to my grandparent's home to color eggs with my grandfather and later my niece. 

Last year I was unable to go home but I borrowed a child (my husband's best friends' son) and colored eggs and made Easter baskets... but it just wasn't the same. 

Regardless of what I do, the significance of the day remains the same. Jesus died on the cross for my sins and rose again whether I color eggs and go to church or play video games all day, but I still want the day to be special. This year, I decided to not try to recreate my childhood and do something completely new. 

Hubs and I went to breakfast and then took a trip down to the Constitution Center to see the "American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition" exhibit. 

If you're in or near Philly I definitely suggest checking it out before it closes on April 28th. It's free on Sundays, and you can't beat free. I learned things about prohibition that I didn't know: 

+The Ku Klux Klan was pro-Prohibition as a means of keeping African Americans from drinking. 
+The Suffrage movement came directly out of the Prohibition movement. Women who were working towards the Eighteenth Amendment realized that their power was limited since they couldn't vote, so they worked for voting rights as well. 

I had a good day. Without any of the things I felt like I "needed" for Easter to be Easter. I suppose I'm becoming more and more adult as time goes on. 

How was your Easter?

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