Am I catching the fall bug?

I'm not trying to rush the seasons, but lately, my mind has been on fall things... 

I'm thinking about soups. 

I'm thinking about warm beverages spiced with pumpkin. 

I'm thinking about pumpkin spiced cookies and cakes. 

I'm thinking about actually finishing the ABC's of Fall and ABC's of Winter series

I'm thinking about bulky sweaters and skinny jeans with boots. 

I'm thinking about decorating pumpkins. 

Do you have fall on the brain?


  1. You are in my head! I'm a summer lover, don't get me wrong, but I've been thinking of cooler weather for a few weeks now! Trust me after the first few snow storms, I'll be ready for summer again :P

  2. Too soon. I'm... I'm just not ready.

  3. your new blog look is cute and fun! and no, i'm not ready for fall yet. but i don't think we have seasons here anyway.

  4. I hate summer! Fall can't come soon enough! BRING ON PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!

  5. I love Fall and Winter, but this year I am loving the warm weather, thanks to my new gardening habit. So, more sin for me. And, that is definitely the FIRST time I have ever said that!!!! Lol

  6. I'm so ready! It is pouring rain today and I actually stopped into Starbucks to see if I could order a pumpkin spice latte. No go :-(

  7. Not really but, you're going to make me try that, is it the...pumpkin spice latte? At Starbucks. I think you mentioned it before in a post last year.

    1. Yes! Pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. It's the delicious introduction to fall lol

  8. I hear you...I find myself on Pinterest searching "fall" items.


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