10 Empties Challenge Complete: 10/10

I have completed the 10 Empties Challenge! The challenge is completed just in time because these two products are my staple conditioners, so I'm happy to be able to re-purchase them. 

I don't think I'll be running out and buying a bunch of products any time soon. This challenge showed me just how much excess of products I have. I won't be purchasing any more make-up for a long while, I just have so much of it. As for hair products, I'll try to keep just one or two options for each type of product (shampoo, conditioner, oil, cream, gel, etc.). 

And now, my final two empties, and two staples in my hair care regimen: 

Tresemme Naturals Conditioner

This is pretty much the only rinse out conditioner I use. I love it because it comes in a huge bottle, for a about $5 and I can get it at my grocery store, CVS, RiteAid, etc. It gives me great slip for detangling and leaves my hair moisturized. If you're looking to go purchase this (Chickpool, I'm looking at you ;-) ) you want to get the one that has the brown strip on it. That's the one that has the best ingredients, or least bad ingredients, if you will. There are other conditioners in the line with similar bottles, look for the brown bar. 

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner 

This conditioner can be used as a rinse out, or leave in conditioner. I've tried it both ways, and prefer it as a leave in. This is the leave in I use 90% of the time. In the past week since I've emptied it I've been using other leave ins but none compare to how soft and shiny this leaves my hair. It also smells great and has all natural ingredients. I love pretty much everything I've tried from Shea Moisture. They haven't disappointed me yet!

::pats self on back::

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