Friday Confessions 8/9/13

I found this link-up on Cami's blog and thought I'd give it a shot!

I confess...

I've been 95% paleo for a little over a week. I'm going to happy hour with my co-workers tonight that will probably be 95% NOT paleo. I will make a post about my paleo journey at some point. 

I confess...

We got a new dog! Her name is Sox. 

I confess...

I need a vacation. I know it seems like I just went on vacation, because I did recently have a 3-day weekend in Virginia Beach...but, I need a week-long, full on vacation! 

I confess...

I'm counting down the days until I go to New Orleans in December for work. I can smell the beignets and shrimp poboys from here!

Do you have any Friday Confessions?


  1. Beignet and shrimp po'boys sound like heaven right now. Hope you had a great time at Happy Hour last night.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party! So glad you decided to join the fun!

  2. Oh gosh. Have crawfish, for me!

  3. You know beignets aren't paleo, right? ;)

    Sox is adorable!

    1. That is going to have to be a paleo-less week lol.


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