Sweater Search Fall 2013

I want some sweaters. I want some big, bulky, comfy sweaters. I'm looking for something like these: 

All of these are from my Clothes/Shoes Pinterest Board. But none of them actually click through to a place where you can purchase the sweaters.

I went to search at my usual places for clothes (Marshall's, Forever 21, Express, Kmart) and was severely disappointed. Everything listed in their sweaters sections are really just long sleeve t-shirts. Some of the "sweaters" don't even have sleeves! No nice bulky sweaters. I'm on a mission to find some nice sweaters for around $40 or less (I'd prefer around $20, but I'll pay for quality).

Where have all the good sweaters gone?

UPDATE! I've found a great sweater selection at Dorothy Perkins


  1. The sweaters all look throwback to me with the design. Chic though.

  2. Awhh those sweaters look cute!
    I'm also looking for some nice, thick and comfy sweaters for the upcoming winter months. I don't know the stores you're talking about because I live in the Netherlands. But maybe you could find a few at H&M maybe? Or do you know Primark? I don't know if they have stores in the USA.

  3. I've gotten amazing chunky sweaters from Goodwill! One tip to finding great quality is go to areas with a lot of super wealthy people :)

    1. My friend is going to take me thrifting, I'm so excited!

  4. i love the "off the shoulder" sweaters. that blue and white aztec one is hot! (not temperature hot, but hot in a cute way)

  5. I hear you on "quality". It's tough finding new clothes made out of quality materials. Everything seems to be polyester, rayon, etc. How'd your thrifting trip go?

  6. Yeah, i feel ya! I was *just* looking for the exact same thing. Try mod cloth (One of my faves: http://www.modcloth.com/shop/pullovers-sweaters/any-askews-sweater ) Good luck thrifting!! :)


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