Adventures in Casting Calls

I come across some very interesting casting calls when I'm looking for acting gigs. Sometimes the character descriptions are so absurd they make me laugh. 

Heavyset princess type gym goer
I applied to this one, even though I couldn't for the life of me figure out what a heavyset princess type gym goer would look like. 

Hot model types
Am I hot? Am I a model type? I never apply to these because even though I think I'm hot, I know the main stream version of hot is a few sizes smaller than I am. 

Background with 3-legged mixed breed dog. 
Well, my dog is a mix of pit bull and shar pei, but she has four legs, so I was out for this one. 

African American Female with slender build
I had to double check with my husband whether or not I had a slender build. He assured me that I did not. lol

Male or female same sex couple with kids for a Christmas photo for the Catholic Church.
I thought this was a very interesting one. I don't fit this, obviously, but I'm really interested in whatever campaign the Catholic Church is planning that will include recognizing same sex couples and families. 

Sexy leg double needed. Size 8.5-9. Send photos of legs. 
I looked at my legs and decided they weren't sexy enough. Had I applied, it'd be the first time I'd have to send in a photo of just my legs lol. 

Females needed to portray sexy, curvy, Latina club goers. 
Female? check. Sexy? check. Curvy? check. Latina?....darn lol



  1. It is so cool for you to share this. I always wondered how that worked. I've also been assured that I'm not in the slender category, lol #TeamCurvy

  2. Lol Interesting. This reminds me of an interesting article I read awhile back on xojane about...I think it was commercial castings for a "sassy, black woman", or something. If I can find it, I'll comment with the link...

  3. Found it:

    1. OMG, so so true. I even encounter that problem with stage productions. Even productions put on by other black people. Somehow a black woman character is not believable if she isn't sassy. SIGH.


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