Thanksgiving Dinner in a Spreadsheet

Well, it's three years since my first Thanksgiving and I'm moving into the big leagues. By big leagues I mean cooking Thanksgiving dinner for someone other than just my husband and I. I'm actually REALLY excited about being able to spend the day in the kitchen cooking with my mom and having a nice group of people around the table. 

The menu has been fluctuating all week, but I think we've finalized it. I have this thing about really, really liking my food to be hot/warm, and everything being done around the same time. It's not the same experience when everyone has to heat their food up in the microwave before the feast begins. For the first time, I've needed a SPREADSHEET to help plot out Thanksgiving dinner. Both for the timing, and to take inventory of what serving/cooking dishes we may need. We're good to go on the dishware. When I learned my mom and her husband were coming I invested in this set from Rachael Ray. I'll probably pick up a few of her serving dishes in the same color as well and find a complimenting tablecloth. 

Here's my spreadsheet! I'm pretty proud of it: 

(click to enlarge)

What are your Thanksgiving plans?


  1. It will be the kids, my hubby, and I this year. Happy thanksgiving.

  2. Haha. I love that you used a spreadsheet. NERD. <3

  3. i'm cracking up at your spreadsheet! that is too cute! i cook EVERY YEAR! i usually have appx. 15 guests or so every year. i wanted to keep it small this year, so some people didn't get invites (mainly those that acted a fool last year). happy thanksgiving!

    1. 15 people?! you are a pro! Happy Thanksgiving!

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