38 Week Pregnancy Emotions

I am 38 weeks pregnant. Her nursery is done. My breast pump should be waiting at my door when I get home tonight. Her cloth diapers and clothes are prewashed and put away by size. Everything is purchased. We're as ready as we're going to be. I have SO MANY emotions throughout a single day it's ridiculous. It goes something like this: 

  • My body hurts I can't be pregnant anymore.
  • I just want to hold her and kiss her little face.
  • OMG I'm going to have a baby what am I thinking?!
  • Am I going to go into labor today?
  • I hope I go into labor today.
  • I hope I don't go into labor today because .
  • If I went into labor right now what would I do?
  • What's it going to feel like to go into labor?
  • Am I in labor?

  • A whole human is going to come out of me. 
  • I have to push a whole human out of me. 
  • She'll come when she's ready. 
  • I'm not rushing. I'm not rushing. 
  • How will we take care of a baby?!
  • I can't wait to have my baby. 
  • I can't wait to feel normal again. 
  • Is that a Braxton Hicks contraction?
  • Is that a real contraction?
  • What will contractions feel like?
  • What if this is the last thing I eat before I go into labor?
...and so on lol

I hope this is my last pregnancy update and the next thing you will be seeing is the adorable little face of Baby Sage. I'm also proud of myself with pretty much keeping up with pregnancy updates every two weeks. I did a lot better with this than my ABCs of Fall/Winter series which seems to be taking me FOUR YEARS to complete lol. That's pretty bad since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet. I can't make any promises, but I'm going to try to finish this year ;-)


  1. Your tummy really popped out!

    Contractions 5 mins apart, increase in pelvic pain, if position changing doesn't make them go away, rupture of membranes. People sometimes notice a decrease in movement just before, but that's not hard and fast. When in doubt, call your clinician or go in to be checked.

    1. All of a sudden my stomach was just massive! lol Keeping my eyes out for the signs. Any day between now...and two weeks from now lol

  2. Can't believe you're almost there!

    1. Me either! Up until this point time really has flown by.

  3. Oh, congratulations! I haven't been on blogger very much lately, but I got on recently and thought to myself, I wonder how you're doing and decided to stop by. This is really exciting! :-)

  4. Sage? I LOVE that name! Wishing you the best & hoping you go into actual labor soon. ;) Can't wait for the next update.

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping this weekend is labor weekend!

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