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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Get a Fitbit!

Hubs got me a Fitbit Flex for Christmas and I've really been enjoying it. If you aren't familiar, Fitbit is like a SUPER pedometer. Not only does it track your steps, it can also track your sleep, distance walked and calories burned. In the Fitbit app you can track your water intake. Probably my favorite feature is the alarm clock. Rather than a blaring tone, Fitbit gently wakes you up with the vibrating band. This comes in extra handy if I have the baby with me and she's sleeping but I'm waiting for the alarm to actually get out of bed. All of this wrapped in the package of a cute little wrist band. 

It has been pretty nice to have. The Fitbit really makes me more conscious of how many steps I'm taking and has made me get up and MOVE more. It's usefulness has only been amplified by the Challenges you can set up. You can create a daily step or goal challenge between you and friends. Five other people on my staff have a Fitbit, and the competition has really been keeping us on our toes...literally lol. We find ourselves just making laps inside around the building. 

Have you purchased any interesting Wellness products lately?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Operation Hide My Edges

14 weeks postpartum, and postpartum hair shedding has hit. Particularly in my edges. 

Pregnant women's hair is gloriously long and thick because hormones keep the hair from shedding the usual 50 to 100 strands each day. Following delivery, when hormones start to return somewhat to normal, the hair shedding cycle catches up and hair begins to shed again. I've noticed a lot more shedding when I wash my hair, most noticeably around my hairline in the front. So, Operation Hide My Edges has begun. 

I'm doing this with a few different styles. I don't really like my hair in my face, but hair in my face styles cover my edges. The photo above is a twist out, in my face. I'm also doing wash and go's: 

Even with the hair somewhat pulled back here, in a wash and go my roots are so curly/fluffy that it kind of masks where my edges should be. Another method I'm doing is rolling my twists a little in the front, like a faux bang: 

And headbands, if I have one to match my current outfit:

There really is nothing that can be done. It's all hormonal. But, I am using Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my edges every other day or so, and not pulling too tight on them when styling. 

Have you dealt with thinning in your edges?
What was your plan of attack?

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