Mother's Day Wishlist 2015

I'm a mother! That means I have inherited another holiday lol. Last mother's day I was still pregnant, so I counted as a mother, but not really. The Mother's Day before that I had actually just lost a pregnancy, so that was no fun. This is my first REAL Mother's Day. Hoooray. 

My Mother's Day Wish List for 2015 (clockwise)

Precious Henshaw African Mother Breastfeeding Print $18 - I really love nursing Sage. I'd love to have this print to commemorate my first Mother's Day and something that is very special to me. If you recall, Precious' Capricorn Print was on my Birthday Wishlist from 2014. 

Q-Redew $69.95 - Q-Redew is a handheld steamer for your hair. It's a great tool to restore moisture to your hair for re-styling between washes without having to actually saturate your hair with water.

Target Gift Card - I mean, this needs no explanation. Who doesn't love a Target shopping spree?

Vintage Honey Shop Nursing Necklace $20 - It feels like Sage is teething ALL. THE. TIME lol. She currently has 3.5 teeth, and I swear I see the nubs of two others behind those! This necklace will be great for her to chew on/play with while I nurse or wear her. 

Fitbit Accessory Bands $29.95 - I shared with you all before that I love my Fitbit. Since I wear it every day it would be nice to have a selection of bands to choose from, perhaps match it to my outfit on occasion lol. 

What are you hoping for or giving this Mother's Day?


  1. This list was very helpful, I got my Mother a fit bit for Mother's day last year and she loves it. I think its time I jazz it up and add a little color to her life.


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