Mommy Travel Wardrobe

This week I've had to take BabyCakes with me to work every day (babysitter's spring vacation). This has forced some very specific stipulations on my wardrobe.

Shirts can't be sleeveless.

I wear her in a Tula through our journey that includes a train, a subway, a bus, and a walk. I don't want my armpits sweating directly onto the Tula lol, so I must have sleeves.

Shirts with tank tops underneath.

Since I'm still nursing I need to be able to use the two shirt method when I feed her, since I don't use covers.

Shirts with smooth fabric, no embellishments up front.

During the day or during our commute she'll fall asleep on my chest, so I don't want any rhinestones or beading  sticking her in her face.

Nursing necklace.

My Vintage Honey Shop nursing necklace comes in handy. She has something to chew on/play with while we ride.

We're about to take a three hour Amtrak journey shortly. Wish us luck (and send prayers for an open wheelchair accessible seat, and a happy baby) !


  1. I so wish I had a job where I could bring max to work when needed! I mean a not babysitting job haha. Yall are the cutest! Look how big Sage is getting!! VHS necklace is THE BEST.

    1. She's growing so fast it's ridiculous! She loves to turn the necklace and chew the ribbon lol. The next one I want is either the silicone, or one with the ring at the end, or maybe even the daddy beads for myself lol

  2. Great piece. I carried my daughter in a Moby, and no matter what shirt I wore, my back was soaked! So, I stopped wearing it. I'm still breast feeding too. What tips do you have for teething and crankiness before sleep? Do you use a pacifier?

    1. We are in the middle of her 5th tooth coming in and this one has been the worst. I did find she likes the cold gel teething toys that you put in the freezer, and also wet wash clothes.

      Our night routine is pretty consistent so when I have her in her room with the lights out and nurse her then put her down she usually goes right off to sleep.

      She never took a pacifier, I tried like three different kinds and then I gave up lol


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