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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Baby Loves to Stand (video) + 9 Months as Momma Thoughts

The fact that I grew this little human inside of me is still surreal to me. She is amazing. Sometimes I look into her eyes and see myself, and that is a crazy feeling. I love her. All day, all night. I watched her sleep one morning for 30 minutes. I became overwhelmed with emotion seeing her pull herself up and stand by herself (with the assistance of the side of her crib). I’m amassing toys and clothes to giveaway that she’s too big for. She can sit up unassisted for longer and longer. She is harnessing the power of leverage to get herself where she wants to go. She’s a good little traveler, she people watches or falls asleep.

The rate of her growth and change is overwhelming at times. She’s going to keep changing. It’s only been almost nine months and she’s such a different little girl than she was just three months ago. 

Here new found talent is standing, and she can't get enough of it. I'm pretending that she won't walk soon, but that's probably unlikely. She's already taking little steps towards cruising around the coffee table. Here she is effortlessly standing in her crib: 

I'm still breastfeeding. Keeping up with pumping sucks, but when she’s taking it from the tap she has no problem. We do have to supplement with the occasional bottle of formula at daycare if I can't pump enough. She’s also eating pureed baby food and table food. In recent weeks her favorite thing has been corn muffins, and her least favorite thing has been salmon. 

We're still cloth diapering, and even though she has real poops now it still isn't too much to manage diaper laundry. The only thing I've changed from my original cloth diapering routine is throwing the poop in the toilet before I put the dirty diaper in the diaper bin. 

Her little personality comes through more and more each day. Since she's getting around the house more we've had to utilize saying "No" often when she's reaching for something she shouldn't touch. When we say 'no' she makes the cutest little pout, it's too much lol. We're currently working on getting over her fear of the blender. 

Well, let me get back to following her around the house trying to catch her when she falls. I'll do that as long as I can for my BabyCakes. 


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Should women propose to men?

The above photo has been all over my timeline today [description: a woman is down on one knee proposing to her boyfriend]. The women on my timeline are NOT having it. There are basically two camps: the ones who feel like a woman proposing to a man is indicative of her behaving "like a man" and doesn't allow her partner to be "a man"; and the ones who feel this goes hand in hand with wanting equality and women's rights. 

I don't think this comes down to challenging one's man (or womanhood) or even equality. I think it really comes down to individual relationship preferences. If she thought her proposing was a challenge to his manhood, she likely wouldn't have done it, and he wouldn't have said yes. Their relationship seems to be working out just fine for them. 

I'm annoyed when others try to push their relationship standards on to others. If a couple wants to fall into the traditional roles of the man and the wife, good for them. If they want to deviate, good for them too. This couple's relationship does not threaten anyone else's ideal of what a relationship or proposal should be. If you are a man and want to propose to your woman, find you a woman who that works for. If you are a woman and would never propose to your man, find you a man who that works for. 

Also this concept of "if a man wants to marry you he will propose to you, you shouldn't propose to him because he isn't ready" is flawed. First: there is so much pressure on proposals and engagement rings that I feel like while a lot of men are ready to make their lover their wife, they feel like they need to save for a billion dollar ring and a flash dance at Disney World for their proposal to mean something. Second: men propose to women all the time when they aren't actually ready for marriage. There isn't a difference in them being pressured to propose vs. accepting a proposal. If they aren't ready, they aren't ready regardless. 

Don't let societal pressures or norms dictate how you run your relationship. Happy Thursday!

Do you think it is appropriate for women to propose to men?
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