New Toy: Step2 Sportastic Activity Center

BabyCakes is really into climbing nowadays. She'll climb all the way up the stairs if I let her, and sometimes I do, following closely behind her of course. I wanted to get her some sort of climbing toy to keep her climbing interest away from the stairs and more in her play area. I landed on the Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center.

Here's a vlog from when we first got it, put it together, and started playing:

Of course because I bought this for climbing, she doesn't climb on it lol. Every once in a while she'll climb up the slide, but what she really likes to do is dunk the basketball, and not just the basketball, but any of the balls from her baby ball pit, and pretty much any other toy that can fit through the hoop, spherical or otherwise. Could we have the next Sheryl Swoopes on our hands?! Hubs sure hopes so, he's been saying she was going to be a basketball player since she was in the womb lol

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