To First Birthday Party or Not to First Birthday Party?

That is the question. 

Pinterest would have you believe that your child's first birthday party must be extravagant, complete with a candy bar, tutu clad highchair, and an extravagant theme.

I've gone back and forth about what to do for Sage's birthday, which is in A MONTH, which is CRAZY because I feel like I just had her. While I know people want to celebrate her birthday with her, she doesn't like loud noises or a lot of attention on her, and it takes her a couple hours to warm up to people she doesn't see often. A birthday party would stress her out and by association stress me out as well. 

Instead of a traditional party we're going to take cake smash pictures and go on a family trip to Linvilla Orchards - hayride, harvest story, pumpkin picking and her first apple cider and roasted marshmallow. 

Perhaps for her second birthday she'll be more amenable to a Pinterest worthy affair.
What did you/will you do for your child's first birthday?


  1. I loooove Linvilla Orchards!!! My roommates and I would make a trip out there every fall when I was in college. That place just epitomizes fall :)

    I'm totally doing the 1st Birthday Party even though I know it's still AND it will be around Christmas and likely no one will be able to come. But it's more for me and my Mom than it is for him ;)

    1. Linvilla is totally everything that is great about fall!


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