Motherhood is Cray

The baby is just hanging around in a cloth diaper and socks because she had just peed through her diaper and her clothes and I could only get her into a fresh diaper because I was changing her while on a conference call for work. It was supposed to her nap time, but she refused to nap and talked through the call.

I have the utmost respect for work-at-home moms. I could not do this long term. I'd lose my mind.  

I'm exhausted because she woke up at 4:45am and wouldn't go back to sleep until 6am. 

Hubs and I joke that she runs the house and we're just her servants. Which, although a joke, is basically true. I've taken to calling us "male servant" and "female servant."

Male servant, throw me up and down until I giggle uncontrollably. 

Female servant, pick up my toys so I can throw them around all over again. 

Toddlers are cray. Parenthood is cray. As Hubs says, it's my favorite inconvenience. It's all worth it for this smile: 

Note: cray = crazy, but without the Z ;-)


  1. Cutest diaper ever. I wouldn't want to cover that one up if we were just hanging out at home. When John was young, he hated clothes anyway. Being able to work from home is a mixed bag. The great part is that you get to watch them grow up, but they are distracting. Some jobs are easier to do from home than others. I'm going to say it doesn't really get easier when they get older because they still demand your attention. The way I did it with John was that I had a lot of activities and toys that kept him busy, entertained, and learning. At some point, I developed a schedule. I did have to pull myself away from my work for a few minutes to engage him in the activity, and each lasted 45 to an hour which is the best you can expect for children her age.

    1. Thanks for commenting! I try to not leave her naked too long at a time because she gets to scratching sometimes if her eczema is making her itchy.

  2. I'm on my first business trip since coming back to work and this is the longest I've ever been away from her. This sucks. Also, try getting through airport security with 3 days worth of expressed breast milk. Good thing I arrived 3 hours before my flight.


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