Strange Children's Toys

I feel like I see a lot more commercials for children's toys now that I'm a parent. I believe that is a combination of watching children's programming more often, and actually paying attention to toy commercials now that I have a child. There are some toys that seem downright strange to me. 

Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise

"Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise! Feed her food before your eyes! Put her on the potty. Look inside. What will you get? Guess your prize! Button, Flower, Hear, Star. Potty Surprise!"
I understand that kids like surprises. But is the best way to distribute those surprises in a toilet? Keeping with the theme of bodily functions: 

Gooey Louie

Kids like boogers I suppose. As an adult, this looks disgusting. On a similar note:

Pop The Pig

I can understand the excitement of not knowing when the surprise event is going to occur, but these things are just strange lol. Why must body parts explode?!

Num Noms

This is a set of scented toys that kids are instructed to stack together in different ways to create different aromas. Doesn't sound fun to me, but perhaps it will spark many future perfume creators?

What strange children's toys have you seen lately?


  1. Your right, a lot of the toy commercials nowadays are placed strategically in between children's programming. Now that my youngest son is a teen and not so glued to the kiddie channels, I can't tell you the last time I seen a toy commercial. Toys aren't what they use to be that's for sure.


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