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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Time I Almost Choked the Babysitter

Reading Brittany over at Clumps of Mascara's babysitter horror story reminded me of my own, so I thought I'd share. 

One of the hardest things I had to deal with after I had BabyCakes was finding a babysitter. I was fortunate to have three months off with her for maternity leave. When we started our babysitter search when she was a few weeks old it was stressful and I had extreme mom guilt. How could I leave my precious fragile baby with a stranger? Why did I have to work at all? Why was childcare so expensive?

Finding a babysitter was what HAD to happen. We can't sustain on one income, and neither Hubs nor I have family close by who don't work. When we found her first babysitter, let's call her Sharon, she seemed nice. She had a bunch of fancy baby gear, her home was clean, she was right around the corner from our home and her references spoke highly of her care.

The first month or so went great. She would clip BabyCake's nails and wash her bottles for me. She would send us pictures of her throughout the day and give us updates, everything seemed A-OK. Then one morning when BabyCakes was about 5 months old Hubs came back from dropping her off and started the conversation with "I don't want you to get mad." So of course, I'm preparing myself to get mad lol. He proceeded to tell me how Sharon showed him how good BabyCakes could eat from a spoon. ::confused face::

She was a five month old exclusively breastfed baby whose pediatrician had not said she could begin solids and I wasn't planning on starting for at least another two months or so. More important: Sharon had neither asked nor told us she was feeding our child baby food. She'd never even consulted us on any allergies, and why should she, if I'm sending breastmilk every day for her sustenance?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Make Your Own Reed Diffuser

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diy reed diffuser

Diet Coke has come out with millions of uniquely designed 12oz glass bottles. Literally every single bottle has a different design on it. No two bottles are the same. The program is called It's Mine and they are only available for a limited time. The same Diet Coke taste, but with a special piece of the brand available to every Diet Coke fan.

I picked up my Diet Coke "It's Mine" bottles at my local Target.  When you purchase at least 4 bottles of Diet Coke in the special branded carriers at Target you get 10% off at checkout. Unfortunately they didn't have the special carriers at my Target.

Diet Coke It's Mine Bottles

Diet Coek It's Mine Bottles

Hubs and I picked out two designs each.

Diet Coke It's Mine Bottles

Having a one of a kind bottle seemed pretty special to me so I didn't want to just toss the bottles in the recycling bin. I decided to upcycle them into reed diffuser bottles. This is a really simple DIY project that will have your home smelling great. 

Diet Coke "It's Mine" Glass Bottle
12" Reed Sticks
1/4 Cup Almond Oil
30 Drops Essential Oils

diy reed diffuser

Wash out your bottle by squirting just a tiny bit of detergent into the bottle, shaking it around, and then rinsing it out. Allow your bottle to dry upside down to give all the water inside a chance to dry out. These bottles make a good vessel for a reed diffuser since they have such narrow openings, that will limit how fast your oils evaporate. 

Mix your almond oil and essential oils together in your bottle. My almond oil has a great spout that makes it easy to squirt it inside the bottle, but you can use a measuring cup with a pour spout to limit your mess if needed. You can drop your essential oil right into the bottle or put it into your measuring cup as well. Swirl the bottle to mix the oils. I used a mix of lavender and orange for this bottle (15 drops of each). 

DIY reed diffuser

Place 5 diffuser sticks into the bottle. When you first put them in it can take a while for the oil to travel up the stick so on the first day you can flip the sticks to speed up the scent processes. After that, every few days if you feel the scent has faded you can flip the sticks. When the reeds are completely saturated with oil it is time for new sticks. 

Because the Diet Coke "It's Mine" bottles are covered you'll have to look from the bottom or through the top of the bottle to check your oil level. When your oils have mostly evaporated you can start with a fresh batch. 

Keep your essential oils and your oil reed diffusers away from pets and children. I also caution you to wash your skin immediately if you get undiluted essential oil on yourself. 

These bottles make me want to take a more one of a kind approach to my look and make some new fun approaches to my fashion and style. I think I'll try to think outside the box when getting ready this week!

Looking for some inspiration to create something new and unique? Check out the Diet Coke "It's Mine" unique bottles!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Favorites 2/12/16

These winter weeks are hard. It's cold, and dark, and dreary. At least this weekend we have Valentine's Day to break-up the monotony and a three day weekend for President's Day. My week was filled with a lot of work, toddler shenanigans, and Beyonce. Here's a few things that have highlighted this week. 

Fitbit ChargeHR
About two week ago my Fitbit Flex died on me. I'd had it since Christmas 2015. It wouldn't sync, it wouldn't charge, it wouldn't respond. After trying all the troubleshooting tips on the Fitbit website I resigned that my Flex was just done. I was sad. I figured when I saved up some money I would get a new one and a newer model. Before I could even set a budget to get one my husband gave me an early Valentine's Day present of a FitBit Charge HR! I love it. This version monitors your heart rate as well as steps and calories. It also has an actual display to check your stats and the time. The coolest feature is that it has a caller ID! When someone calls their number/name show up right on my wrist.

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips
There isn't much to say about ColourPop that I didn't list in my I Love ColourPop post, so check that out!

Stigma App
I've been looking for an emotion tracker app so I can see any patterns in my mood changes throughout each month, from month to month. I found Stigma and I love it. It's basically a short form journal app. Each entry can have up to 200 characters, and emotion descriptors are tagged so you can see your emotions in chart and graph form which is pretty cool. It also creates a word cloud based I the words you use frequently in your entries. You can keep your entries private or make them anonymous which allows people to see them if they are looking at an emotion that you've tagged in your post.

What are your favorite things from this week?

Sunday, February 7, 2016

I love ColourPop

colourpop ultra matte

A few months ago at a meeting my friend Robyn came in with this CUTE lip color on. Everyone was complimenting her on it. She began to tell us about how it was only $6, cruelty free, came from California and stayed on all day. Next thing you know almost all the women in the group were on their mobile devices looking through ColourPop.com at their Ultra Matte Lips collection. I was thoroughly impressed by their range of shades and the fact that they swatch the colors on arms with a range of complexions. I don't know how many times I look at swatches for a product and they are only swatched on light complexions. 

A few weeks later I finally made my ColourPop purchase and I am so happy that I did. The Ultra Matte Lips lasts what feels like forever. Without eating anything greasy, you can get away with wearing it all day with minimal reapplication. I find every other lipstick I have inferior when it comes to their long wear. These Ultra Matte Lips don't come off -on my coffee cup, on my baby, on my husband, they stay put and I love it. I only have three colors currently but it's only a matter of time before I make another order. I have my eye on Rooch, Avenue and Limbo. Having these has definitely increased how often I wear lipstick. 

colourpop ultra matte tulle

Tulle is the mildest of the three colors I have. I use this for ever day wear. 

colourpop ultra matte zipper

If I'm wearing Zipper I'm feeling really fancy lol. The purple is really bold. I love it. 

colourpop ultra matte lax

I wear LAX both for everyday wear and for special occasions. It's the color I wear the most. 

What are you wearing on your lips?


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

When "Treat Yo' Self" Goes Wrong

I've been thinking a lot about my detrimental reward system lately. I find my problem to be two-fold: the rewards I give myself are almost always food or alcohol, which both cost money and don't do anything for this waistline that I'd like to retract, and if I'm honest with myself, I'm rewarding myself for really basic stuff. I shouldn't get a cookie (literally or figuratively) for changing a really dirty diaper, steam cleaning the floor, or actually completing laundry from start to finish in one day. Those are things I should just do, because I'm an adult. 

I read a post earlier this week - 23 Ways to Treat Yo' Self Without Buying or Eating Anything - and it really hit home for me. It acknowledges the need to treat yourself from time to time, but offers great alternatives to confections and wine.

I've also downloaded a counter app on my phone. I'd like to keep a count of my good decisions - going to the gym, choosing the healthier food option, saying no to the offer of sweets, not spending time on social media when I have other work to do - and allow myself one treat after a long series of good decisions.

At some point I started using anything as an excuse to eat badly or buy something I didn't need. I'd like to change my thinking from needing to give myself rewards to celebrating legitimate accomplishments. Completing a grant application warrants a cupcake, making it home in the rain? not so much. 

How do you reward yourself without going overboard? Do you have a set system in place?
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