How I Cook Without a Toddler at my Feet

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I have shared previously a couple of BabyCake's favorite activities: 
Today I wanted to share a new activity that has been working particularly well when I'm trying to cook and don't want her around me at the stove - letter magnets on the refrigerator. 

It's really as simple as grabbing a pack of magnet letters. There is a huge variety available on Amazon HERE. Because BabyCakes has been watching Sesame Street she's really into letters and numbers. Our main refrigerator is stainless steel so it is not magnet, but our little beverage fridge is magnetic and serves as a perfect canvas for her to play on. If your refrigerator is not magnetic you can also grab one of these magnet easels. Although we also have a flat magnetic board I've found that she is much more entertained when she can stand up and play. 

How are you keeping your toddler entertained while you cook?

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