Imperfect Moments Make the Best Memories

The other day I was tickled when I noticed the lock-screen photos my husband and I had chosen. There were a few similarities: 

1. We both chose pictures from our trip to Sesame Place which has been one of the highlights of our summer (read that story here.)

2. We both chose pictures of each other with our daughter. 

3. We both chose very unmanicured photos. In mine he's wet and BabyCakes isn't looking at the camera. In his BabyCakes is in motion and there's a bunch of stuff in the background/foreground. 

4. In both pictures we are smiling ear to ear. Real genuine smiles. Not "I'm taking this for Instagram" smiles. 

This is why we go so well together. Our photo choices are a reflection of what is important to us; our family. Our lives aren't perfect but they don't have to be for us to be enjoying them.

Imperfect moments make the best memories. 

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