5 Ways to Be a Better Recycler

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I'm really trying to take small steps towards having my family live a greener lifestyle. This is fueled by the fact that we only have one planet and because greener practices are usually healthier practices as well. We've been consistently recycling for about four years. If you are already recycling give yourself a round of applause! If you aren't recycling consider starting.  Here are some tips on how to be the best recycler you can be.

Five ways to be a good recycler: 

Check the rules for your specific area. 

Look up the specific recycling rules for your neighborhood. Make note of the recycling schedule. Check to see if you are required to get a specific recycling bin or if you can use any receptacle. 

Recycling rules are in place to limit non-recyclable materials from getting into the recyling stream. Those materials expose employees to unsafe working conditions and increase operation costs which lowers the value of recyclables. Examples of rules for my borough include no plastic bags and no lids/caps on glass bottles or jars. 

Rinse and dry containers before putting them into the bin. 

You don't need to run your jars through the dishwasher but the important thing is to rinse away all the food residue and to make sure the containers are empty and dry. I sit bottles in a box that I'm also recycling, or on a drying pad.

Re-purpose items.

For both recyclable and non-recyclable items make an attempt to re-purpose them before you toss them. Our actual recycling bin is a regular kitchen trash can that we used to use in the baby's room to hold dirty cloth diapers. I re-purposed it for recycling when it wasn't needed in her room any more.

We use a re-purposed baby wipes dispenser to store plastic bags from the grocery store that we re-use to bring our lunches to work.

Buy recycled. 

The symbol for recycling is a circle of arrows because the intention is to have a continuous loop of using, recycling, and re-using materials. You complete the recycling circle of life by buying recycled products in addition to recycling.

Accumulate less waste. 

Living a lifestyle that accumulates less waste should be the ultimate goal. This takes stress both off the recycling and trash systems. It's important to be mindful on how much waste you accumulate. Purchase at brick and mortar stores instead of online when you can to limit the use of packing materials. Buy in bulk when you can. Use Scott Tube Free.

I appreciate Scott Tube Free for eliminating a piece of waste households deal with constantly. Over 17 billion toilet paper tubes are used each year. That is a huge number. Even if you're already an avid recycler the bathroom is huge place of neglect when it comes to recycling items. Scott Tube Free makes it easier to have less waste to worry about recycling.

You're probably wondering what exactly happens when you get to the end of the roll? The paper just sort of...ends. It has enough structure so that it doesn't fall off the toilet paper holder but once you pull the final sheets it ends. It also goes on easily to common toilet paper holders.

The Tube Free design doesn't sacrifice the softness of the product, in fact Scott Tube Free has softer sheets than Scott 1000.

Scott Tube Free is available in common retailers. I grabbed mine from the local Rite Aid.

Get more details and specs on Scott Tube Free on RiteAid.com.


  1. Great tips - and its really important to find small ways like this to help keep our planet green!! #client

  2. I also love tube free! Definitely want to try and reuse more.

    1. Reusing usually saves money as well so its' a win-win!

  3. Our town just got really big new recycling bins with wheels on them. Easy to move back into your garage. And how big? We JUST replaced our garage doors and all the packaging fit PLUS our recycling for the week. Now there's no excused not to recycle every single thing because they fit! (Finally.)

    1. That sounds awesome! I really wish we had a nice big bin. I usually have the little bin filled with boxes sitting on the side.


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