How to Get a Good Night's Sleep As a Couple

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There are a lot of elements that go into having a good day, but the number one thing next to preparation, coffee, positive thinking, etc is getting a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep tonight helps ensure you have a good day tomorrow. This is pretty manageable when you sleep alone. You have control of the atmosphere. When you’re in a relationship, it takes a bit more effort to ensure both parties are sleeping well.

5 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep (As a Couple):


Separate Comforters

Hubs was the first to suggest separate comforters. At first I was against it because it seemed like an intimacy killer, but it isn’t. What it is is a fantastic solution to the late-night cover tug of war. Sleep is better when you’re snuggled in your own comforter and don’t have to fight to tuck yourself in. When we make the bed, we put the comforters on top of each other to make things look pretty, but when we hop in bed, we each grab our own.



Lamps are important for a shared bedroom because they allow light for the person who needs it, whether it is for reading, or to guide them to bed if you aren’t hitting the hay at the same time. No one is woken up by the other person turning on a harsh overhead light or shining a cell phone flashlight around the room while they’re looking for something. Lamps offer a concentrated low light that is effective without being obtrusive.


Sleep Masks

Even with a lamp, I recommend having sleep masks for anyone with light sensitivities or for those who sleep better in near darkness. This will keep out the light of the lamp, the hallway, or the sun in the morning and let you keep yourself in darkness until your alarm clock rings.

All Devices Off (or silenced/put on night mode)

Both parties need to be courteous and silence all their devices in the bedroom. Late night social media notifications bring noise and distraction into the peaceful atmosphere the bed should be when it’s time to rest. I’m not against using devices in the bedroom, but when person is ready to call it quits, all devices should have vibrate and tones off. The light shouldn’t be a problem if you’re wearing your handy sleep mask and your partner turns away from you.


My husband’s nighttime nasal congestion can wake me up multiple times in a night. Between him waking me up with his loud breathing and me waking him up to tell him he’s breathing loudly, no one is getting real rest. If you have a similar problem with your lover, Breathe Right Nasal Strips are a solution for better nights, helping with nasal congestion and mouth breathing.

With cold season coming up they are also good to have handy when dealing with nasal congestion due to a cold. I hate not being able to sleep because of a stuffy nose. They are drug free, so they are safe to use with any cold or sleep medication.  I picked mine up at my local Walmart. I grabbed the Extra Tan, which has a strong adhesive but there are a number of varieties for sensitive skin or a calming scent.  The packaging has clear instructions, but you may also want to check out the Breathe Right YouTube Channel for how to properly apply and remove them.

When you apply them, be sure the tabs go over the part of your nostrils that flare. Rub the strips gently once they’re in place to ensure they adhere, and you’re ready to go.

You’ll find the strips in the aisle with allergy and other nasal congestion products.


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  1. I need to get these for my husband! Thanks for sharing about it!

  2. I need these for my husband. I like the separate comforters idea.

  3. Separate comforters seem like a great idea so that in the cold winter months you aren't tugging on the covers and pulling them off each other. Great tips, thanks!

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