Mom doesn’t need therapy she needs a break

That title is bold but stick with me here.

I am SO pro-therapy. I have gone to therapy. It helped. I am not ashamed of therapy at all. But what I’ve realized is that:

Moms need to go to therapy to learn how to cope with the heavy responsibility of motherhood.

Moms need to go to therapy to learn how to manage the guilt they feel from trying to be a parent and basically anything else at the same time.

Moms need to go to therapy to finally admit how overwhelmed and alone they feel in their journey sometimes.

Moms need to go therapy because they need help and have to be coached on how to ask for it without feeling like a failure.

Moms go to therapy because they need a break. 

Of course there are a plethora of other reasons a mom can need therapy, but this is chief among them for the moms in my network.

We have to better support our moms, from all sides: friends, families, spouses, children, supervisors, employees.

Moms, take a break. Believe me, I know that’s easier said than done. But YOU are your greatest responsibility.



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