What You Should Bring When You Stay at an AirBnB

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I've started a habit of taking selfies in cool mirrors of the AirBnBs I stay in, which is a lot. I've stayed in AirBnBs solo, with family, and with friends. After a few times not having everything I needed for my stay, I now have a concrete list to makes sure my AirBnB stays are the most comfortable they can be for me.

What is AirBnB?

AirBnB is a service where regular people can rent out properties they own (homes, apartments, rooms) to the general public. There are AirBnBs where you have a whole home or apartment, others where you have a private room in a shared house, and others where you stay dorm style with other people in the same room. Because hosts are usually regular people getting into the hospitality business everything you would like to have for your stay may not be there. Here is a list of items I suggest you pack when staying at an AirBnB. 

8 Items to Pack When Staying at an AirBnB

Toiletry bag. Since you're traveling you most likely will be packing a toiletry bag anyway, but I suggest a hanging toiletry bag in case there isn't a lot of counter space in the bathroom to lay your products out. 

Washcloths. In my experience not all hosts provide washcloths, which is strange, but true. I pack at least two wash cloths for my trips just in case. 

Towels. I've never had a host not provide towels, but I've been in a situation where the towels they provided were just too small, or there weren't enough towels for my needs so I always pack one. 

White noise machine. Being away from home, it can be hard to fall asleep in a different space. The space can either be too quiet to sleep, or there are too many sounds happening outside or in the building to rest well. A white noise machine is perfect to drown out silence or noise. This one is relatively inexpensive, has six other sounds in addition to white noise, is small and easy to pack, charges via USB, and has a little nightlight in case you need that as well.

Shower shoes. Pack a pair of shower shoes for in the shower if you are weary of the cleanliness, especially at a shared AirBnB with other guests using the same bathroom. Shower shoes also come in handy if you are staying in a location that requires you to remove your street shoes upon entering. 

A robe. This is especially pertinent if you have a room in a shared house. You may want to be able to dash to the restroom or kitchen without getting fully dressed. 

Candle or plug-in air freshener. Having a familiar smell from home can help you feel more comfortable and can also help deal with any unpleasant smell a place may have - neighbor's food cooking, trash on the curb, etc. 

Body wash. Not all hosts provide body wash. Pack a travel body wash, lotion, and shampoo and conditioner if you'll need it, just in case. 

Why choose an AirBnB instead of a hotel?

You may be asking why go through the hassle of packing many things that are provided by hotels. Why not just book a hotel?

AirBnBs are great for short stays where you don't need a lot of space. Sometimes I'm visiting a place for just a night. I simply need a bed to sleep in and a shower in the morning before heading back home. I don't need all the amenities of a hotel room. 

AirBnBs are generally cheaper than hotels. In most cities AirBnBs are much cheaper per night than a hotel. 

AirBnBs are in more neighborhoods than hotels. AirBnBs are literally all over the place. They can get you closer to your destination than hotels can which are centralized downtown or near airports. If you are visiting a specific non-downtown destination you'll probably find yourself getting closer with AirBnB, right in the neighborhood where you'll be. 

Never stayed at an AirBnB?

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Let me know in the comments if you have any AirBnB questions! Do you use AirBnB?




  1. I’ve stayed at small Airbnb’s for short stays and yes they’re great and convenient. I can always find an Airbnb at a better location than a hotel at a much better price. But I’ve also rented entire houses for full week vacations and they too are cheaper than hotels and you’ve got the whole house to yourself! No sharing pools! They’re awesome!

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