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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Reality of Healthcare

There will never be true health care reform because hospitals are all in Washington's pockets. Whats good for the people, isn't good for the bank accounts of the health care racket, so the people will continue to suffer; in debt because of medical bills, or dying because of lack of treatment. The actual HEALTH of Americans is the last thing on the minds of the people most invested in this debate. The "health care" industry is just another business, where dollar signs will make the final call....which is sad.

Hospitals already see individuals using Medicare and Medicaid as "bad patients," because they only get 80% of the bloated amount they would like to charge for their services. These patients are looked at as a LOSS to them to treat.

Really? A loss? Treating a patient and making them healthy is a loss?

You would think that everyone wins when someone's health is improved, but that's not the case. The people with the most money are the people who deserve to be healthy, apparently.

Money before medicine.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Get off book

In acting there is a phrase called "getting off book," which means no longer using the script, and performing the lines through memorization. Often actors will try to hold on to the script as long as they can, using it as a sort of crutch in the rehearsal process. While script is still in hand the actor has the excuse to look down at it for their lines, or not fully be in their character. Only when you are off book can you truly start to act, truly start to fall into your character, truly make the performance come to life.

Its the same in real life. Some people spend all of their time planning for what they want to do in life, but never actually start DOING anything. Its dangerous to hold onto your plans as a crutch and never move forward to actually living the life you've planned out.

Don't be scared, let go of your script, and take the stage!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Escalator Trolls

I've been pretty busy lately, working, wedding planning, and preparing for my show that opens next weekend. So any chance I get to relax, even if only a few seconds, is important to me. But people seem to not want to let me have my relax time! Let me set the stage for you...

Its a day like any other. You are in the mall, airport, train station, etc. You leisurely step onto the escalator and intend to enjoy the ascent/descent, to take those 20 seconds or so as a break from your day....nope.....the person in front of you rushes up the already moving stairs, and you can hear the person behind you sighing and breathing loudly in a tone that you know is meant to tell you to hurry up/down the escalator.......escalator troll.
Dear Escalator Troll,

I'm sorry that you mistakenly went up my automatic staircase when you meant to take the manual stairs. I will not be moving until this staircase takes me to the end of its mechanical road. If you wanted to set your own pace, you are in the wrong place. Next time, when you want to walk up the stairs, don't get on this moving staircase, get on the regular stairs. Thank you. Dweeb.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coffee is my drug

I consider coffee a drug. It alters a natural state of being, therefore, it is a drug. Just as all drugs, everyone has their own "prescription" and "dosage" for coffee. In theory, the back of my coffee maker should have a medicine label that reads:


Friday, August 21, 2009

Why Women Carry Large Purses

I use to always say "I will not be a big purse woman!" I'd see all these older women (well older than me) toting their large purses and I swore that, that would never be me as I slung around my small clutch purses....and they I grew up. Now sometimes I even have to carry two bags to hold all the things I need for everyday life.

Why women carry big purses:

1. Make up: when out all day, running errands, working, etc., a woman may need to reapply lip gloss, lipstick, eye liner, lip liner, mascara, foundation, etc.

2. Lotion: Once again, being out all day, especially in the winder, our skin gets dry, and that is unacceptable.

3. Pads, tampons, liners, oh my!: Can never be unprepared, for yourself, or for a fellow woman warrior battling "that time of the month."

4. Painkillers: We get headaches, and we need to get rid of them.

5. Phone, Wallet, Keys: The holy trinity of the purse

6. A book: Books allow us to take control of our own time, if we are waiting for the bus, or in our commute on public transportation, we have a good book to keep ourselves busy, or from thinking about all the things we have to do when we get where we are going.

7. I-pod: If we don't want to read a book, we'll listen to our music.

8. Snacks: Who knows if we'll get to take a full lunch throughout the day, when all else fails, nutrigrain or granola to the rescue!

9. Bottle of water: to wash down our nutrigrain or granola bars.

10. Shoes: Chances are throughout the day we will do some swapping between our "cute shoes" and our "comfortable shoes."

11.Mirror:Remember that make up we carry? We need to see where we are putting it don't we?!

12.Sweater: It is possible that the AC is too high in the summer, or the heat isn't high enough in the winter, so we are prepared.

14.Umbrella:We are prepared for rain,as well.
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