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Monday, September 28, 2009

The High-tech Happy Meal

On the occasions when I go to McDonalds I usually get a Mighty Kids Meal, which is similar to the Happy Meal, only with a little more food. So for about $3.50 I get a small fry, 6 chicken nuggets, a small drink AND a toy (Thats a good deal if I say so myself) In the last Mighty Kids Meal I bought, the toy was actually a CD. A CD as the toy in the new happy meals. The CD has five tracks, and its one of those KidzBop CD's, so there are covers of more popular songs done by kids with some of the words altered.

There was an insert with the CD, one side said:

Rock On! Play KidzBop Tunes on your McWorld Music Player! Only at happymeal.com.

and the other said:

You could be a KidzBop star! Create your video and upload it to kidzbop.com. See who's starring today!

My first thought on this was how un-kid like this whole Happy Meal "toy" was. It seems very reminiscent of more adult entertainment forms of the iPod and iTunes and youtube. When I went to kidzbop.com I was sort of surprised that it is pretty much a children's version of youtube mixed with a little iTunes. Kids have loggins, where they can access their "music stations" and they are encouraged to upload videos and host webshows!

Now, I understand that happymeal.com and kidzbop.com are attempting to offer alternatives to websites that may have content not suitable for kids, and that is wonderful, but is it old fashioned of me to think that children's Happy Meal toys should encourage imagination a little more? Dolls, puzzles, figurines, etc. Are we past the time when children play with non-electronic toys, and create their own worlds? I use to play Barbie dolls for HOURS. I created different families, and stories lines, and was entertained for a very long time by my own imagination.

As adults I think we are primarily entertained by various screens for hours on end. In my mind kids should have, or have, a different type of entertainment regime. While our toys are gadgets and gizmos, theirs are stuffed animals, blocks, dolls, and figurines or coloring and drawing.

Are we turning into a species where our main entertainment source is motherboards and microprocessors, as soon as we hop out of the womb? Is this a good or bad thing?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hair Misorientation

About a year and a half ago I decided that I would no longer chemically straighten my hair. I was spending lots of money, and going through painful treatments to make my hair straight. I decided that I was trying to conform to a standard of beauty that wasn’t me. So I decided on only natural styles from that day on.

Hair is a huge part of what makes a woman feel like a woman, and I decided that I was trying to be a woman that I was not. I feel that the way I care for my hair now and the styles I keep are more of ME than ever before. It isn’t easy, as I am still in transition and dealing with two different textures of hair at once (natural and chemically relaxed). But I can’t wait for the day where all my hair is natural , I’m sure sooner or later I’ll just cut off all that isn’t ME.

The moral of the story to women, or men, or whoever would like to take this to heart is to love yourself the way you are, if it takes pain and strife to make yourself look another way, maybe it’s better to just be you?

The below video was one of the things that began my thinking about changing the way I dealt with my hair, it also made me cry, because undeniably, there is still residual psychological effects of the past on our present and the way that Black people see themselves. It says its 13 minutes long but you only really have to watch about 7 minutes up to the credits, but please watch it if you have the time. PLEASE PLEASE watch it if you have the time.


Friday, September 25, 2009

The 6 Commandments of Internships

Internships are a tricky thing for both organizations and interns. I have devised a guide, an internship bible if you will, to clarify the boundaries in an internship.

The most important thing to remember is that an internship is suppose to be a mutually beneficial relationship. Both intern and organization should come out of the relationship satisfied.


Thou shall not limit the intern to coffee-runner.
Yes, part of being an intern is doing menial tasks that those working for the organization don't want to do. Sometimes there are copies to be made, envelopes to label, or letters to fold, and that's fine. But making an intern do things completely unrelated to the organization like getting your coffee and picking up your dry cleaning isn't cool. Remember, mutually beneficial.

Thou shall be patient
Its not always easy to deal with teaching an intern, although some are great and very receptive. You have to be patient and understand that in many instances this is the first time the person is getting hands on experience in the field. Take your time, teach them well, and sow the seed for them to be successful at what you are teaching them, in the future.

Thou shall be prepared
I can admit I've struggled with this one myself. You have to have tasks for the intern to do. Devise a plan, make a schedule, so that the intern isn't just taking up space, and wasting both of your time.


Thou shall ask questions.
Don't just take instructions and complete tasks without thought. The purpose of an internship is to LEARN in the field. Ask questions, ask WHY things are done a certain way, or HOW the system in place came to be.

Thou shall exceed.
Doing only what you are told is limiting yourself, and not taking advantage of your internship opportunity. If you are an intern you are at a unique place. You get experience in the field, while still having the leeway to experiment and make mistakes. In a real job you will be completely held accountable for your mistakes, in an internship you get to try things out.

Thou shall be professional
You want to make a good impression on the organization you are working with - with your work ethic, dress, personality, etc. A bad impression on a company who could potentially hire you in the future is a BAD thing.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Clean your carpet

You know how when you get a nice new carpet, its so clean and fresh and soft on your feet? After a while, after many steps are taken on the carpet, through the daily messes and spills of life, the carpet gradually gets dirty. It happens so slow that you barely notice it. Then one day, you rearrange your furniture, and see that square of still sparkling and soft carpet that has been protected by the couch covering it. At this point you want to clean the carpet, to get it back to the splendor it once was, or you want to overhaul and get a whole new carpet. You remember when the carpet was fresh and new, almost perfect, and you realize you want that back. Before seeing that square patch you had gotten use to the stains and dinge the carpet held.

That is life. There are daily trials and tribulations in life that make our carpet dirty. The key is, don't get use to the dirt. Don't settle and become complacent with the dirt and grime of life. Always remember that clean patch of carpet. The you before you lost your job, the you before your husband/wife left you, the you before you lost that loved one. Remember that shiny clean patch, because if you get use to the dirt, it can over take you, and make you forget that you once had a glimmering, soft carpet to walk on, and once you forget, its hard to get that back.

Don't let the stains stay on your carpet forever. You can be clean again.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Relationship Myths Busted

I don't understand why relationships get a bad rap!

I can't be in a relationship, I love my family, and I don't want to lose them. Being in a relationship does not mean you lose touch with your family. If you are with a good person, that person becomes a PART of your family, and perhaps later you will create a family with them of your own.

I don't like relationships, I like to be my own person. Why can't you be your own person and still be with someone? Once again, if you are with the right person, you will be free to be exactly who you are. Pretending isn't an innate part of relationships, pretending is an innate part of BAD relationships. You should always be free to be yourself. In a relationship, as opposed to in some friendships and dating, there are no boundaries. Friends and dates, and sometimes even family don't know the 'real' you, the you that is there when the work clothes are taken off and the world isn't watching. Your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, however, knows you, and you can be comfortable with just being free. Your faults, weaknesses, they can know them, and not care, because they love you.

Relationships are no fun. I like to go out and have fun with my friends. Once you are in a relationship, when you go out to the club with your girls (or boys) you don't have the constant rambling in the back of your mind: "Do I look good? Will someone give me their number tonight? Will anyone ask me for my number tonight? Why are all my friends getting all the attention and not me?!" You can relax and have a good time out at the club, bar, show, restaurant or whatever, because you aren't consciously or subconsciously on the 'hunt' for anyone. There is no rule that says people in relationships can't still have a social life outside of those relationships.

I have dreams that I want to fulfill. When you are in a unit, your dreams are multiplied! Now you have someone to travel with you across Europe, someone to edit your dissertation papers while you are studying for your doctorate and someone else to share your dreams with.

*A GOOD relationship doesn't have the problems that people like to use for why they don't like relationships.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being single either, just don't unjustly put relationships down

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Raw Fruit Theater Troupe's "A Taste of Sisterhood: Learning to Swim"

"A Taste of Sisterhood: Learning to Swim" in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

Come out and see Raw Fruit Theater Troupe's Fringe production!!!

September 4th-6th @ 7pm
Freedom Theater
Tickets only $10!!!!!

"Raw Fruit Theater Troupe presents A Taste of Sisterhood: Learning to Swim. This unique medley of new and timeless short plays celebrates various facets of sisterhood. Laugh, dance, and get your feet wet! Adapted/directed by Jamila Capitman, featuring playwrights Kirstin Greenidge, Elaine Jackson, and Ntozake Shange."

We've been mentioned in the Philadelphia Weekly here: http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/arts-and-culture/stage/XX-Marks-the-Spot.html

You can purchase tickets here: http://www.livearts-fringe.org/details.cfm?id=9208

Come out, support me and support Raw Fruit!!!

MISSION: Raw Fruit Theater Troupe is committed to creating theatrical opportunities for women of color in Philadelphia. Raw Fruit promotes the celebration of womanhood and cultural awareness.
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